The contract for the Peace Eagle Project was signed by Turkish Aviation Academy, acting as a subcontractor for Boeing, on July 25, 2013. They will be providing maintenance training, flight training engineering and field support and other logistic support activities to the Turkish Air Force. This contract was renewed upon the request of Undersecretariat for Defense Industries and the Turkish Air Force. Additionally, the two-year warranty period was extended to five years. 

During the five-year warranty period, Turkish Airlines and Turkish Technic Inc. will provide maintenance training, flight training, and engineer and technician field services (FSR) to the personnel of the Turkish Air Forces. The first aircraft will be delivered on January 31, 2014 and the second and third aircrafts in April and August, 2014. It is planned that the last aircraft will be delivered in July 2015, after updating the software.

Turkish Technic Inc. will provide C and D heavy maintenance and light component maintenance services for the four airborne early warning and control (HIK) aircrafts. This maintenance will be carried out in Istanbul upon their delivery. Maintenance of electronic mission systems installed on HIK aircrafts is also within the scope of Turkish Technic Inc.'s duties.

The body of the Boeing 737-700 aircrafts, which are predominantly used in Turkish Airlines, and the empennage and undercarriage of Boeing 737-800 aircrafts, are also used for Peace Eagle aircrafts. These aircrafts are equipped with more advanced electronic devices than current AWACS aircrafts. These aircrafts are capable of flying for ten hours and air refueling is also possible. These aircrafts are also capable of flying at very high altitudes and identifying enemy targets.

Following first aircraft delivery, 4 FSR, 1 maintenance planner, 2 engineers and 1 ST&E support staff will be assigned in Konya. 2 FSR and 6 engineers will be ready as back-up personnel in Istanbul. Five technical instructors, who have completed different courses provided by technical instructors of Turkish Aviation Academy, will train the Turkish Air Force's technical personnel in Konya at regular intervals.