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Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) I

IATA Trainings - A06D620 - Sınıf Eğitimi

Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) I
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Evolution of ICAO Navigation Specifications ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan and timeline FANS, CNS/ATM, RNP, RNP/RNAV Types of Area Navigation (RNAV) systems RNAV systems and individual navigation system technologies: DME/DME, IRU, INS, GNSS, GPS, SBAS, GBAS, Galileo GNSS theory, separation standards, benefits GNSS constellations and augmentations systems Space-based and ground-based augmentations GPS receivers, RAIM, interference and NOTAMs GNSS approvals, GNSS (RNAV) approaches Lateral and longitudinal GNSS (RNAV) separation How to validate RNAV and RNP procedures RNAV and RNP procedure design Enroute and TMA RNAV procedures Enroute Area Navigation, route spacing and TLS Terminal Manoeuvring Area (TMA) Area Nav Types of RNP and RNAV, regional variants Instrument Approach Procedures RNAV procedures and airspace design Procedure protection area, airspace structure Controlling aircraft using Standard Instrument Departures and Arrivals (SIDs, STARs) Modular TMA area navigation implementation Activities Practical exercises
Air Traffic Controllers, ANSP managers and supervisors Beginner ATC procedures and airspace designers Aircraft operators especially flight operations and planning managers and personnel National and civil aviation authorities
Participants should have prior knowledge of ICAO Doc 9750 Global Air Navigation Plan, ICAO Doc 9613 Performance-based Navigation Manual