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Passenger Interline Accounting and Control

IATA Trainings - A06D523 - Sınıf Eğitimi

Passenger Interline Accounting and Control
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Currency conversion procedures for passenger billings

·         How to apply the RAM chapter A12

·         Quick reference guide to identify the applicable currency of clearance and billing

Categories of interline activity

·         Rerouting billing rules

·         Billing for inadmissible passengers

·         Billing for lost documents

·         Refund billing rules

·         Sales agents commission and interline service charge

Application of the following:

·         Multilateral Interline Traffic Agreement (MITA)

·         Revenue Accounting Manual (RAM)

·         Multilateral Proration Agreement - Passenger (MPA-P)

·         IATA Resolutions

    • Managers, supervisors and officers dealing with interline billings, rejections and disputes • Finance officers • Revenue accounting managers • Senior revenue analysts • Interline accountants and auditors
    There are no prerequisites for this course