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Managing the Safety Oversight Function

IATA Trainings - A06D207 - Sınıf Eğitimi

Managing the Safety Oversight Function
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Review the changing role of the State Safety Program (SSP) and Safety Management System (SMS in safety management by States) Review the history of the safety oversight function and the ICAO USOAP to understand the evolving approaches as they are implemented Review the 8 critical elements of a Safety Oversight System in order to understand how an integrated approach can improve safety Understand the practical application of the ICAO USOAP within CAAs and its demands on the CAA and other stakeholders due to the implementation of the Continuous Monitoring Approach (CMA) Discover management concepts and programs that can assist managers in ensuring safety in day-to-day operations, inclusive of the mandatory implementation of a Safety Management System Activities Practical exercises and discussions designed to help you to be familiar with best practices Written examination
Managers with safety oversight and audit responsibilities in Civil Aviation Authorities Safety officers within aviation industry service providers
There are no prerequisites for this course