ISAGO for Auditors

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ISAGO for Auditors
The IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) program has been developed to improve the safety of ground operations and reduce ground damage and injuries. This course covers the audit process specific to ISAGO, and over 4 days you will gain full knowledge on ISAGO audit procedures, ISAGO auditor objectives and methodology.Successful completion of the course is a required step in the ISAGO auditor qualification process leading to the Charter of Professional Auditor (CoPA) membership, however you do not have to be following the ISAGO auditor qualification process to take this course.

4 gün (4x8 saat)

Auditor qualification - Charter of Professional Auditors (CoPA) Ethics code for ISAGO auditors ISAGO audit preparation, on-site audit process, and follow-up Audit objective and planning (pre/on-site and post) Outsourced and subcontracted activities ISAGO auditing methodology and techniques (including practical exercises) Interlinked Ground Operations Standards and Recommended Practices (GOSARPs) Electronic audit system for auditors Activities Practical exercises Audit case study

Hedef Kitle:
Ground operations auditors:Airline Ground service providers Airport Regulator

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Ön Şartlar:
Participants should be qualified and experienced ground operations quality auditors