IOSA Program Workshop

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IOSA Program Workshop
The new IOSA auditing model is the result of industry demand for a more effective IOSA audit. Under the latest provisions, an Operator will be required to complete ongoing internal assessments using the IOSA Standards and Recommended Practices (ISARPs).During this workshop you will learn how to incorporate the IOSA process into your internal Quality Assurance program, and how to ensure the following four aspects of airline operations: continued conformity with IOSA; implementation of IOSA Standards; increased reliability of quality assurance functions; and standardization of the auditing process.Course format: This course is available at IATA Training Centers, regional training partner locations, and on-demand as in-company training. This course provides 16 hours of instruction delivered by an official IATA Instructor.

2 gün (2x8 saat)

IOSA documentation system IOSA core principles: “Documented” and “Implemented” Types of assessments IOSA terminology IOSA scope Interlinked and repeated ISARP’s Key requirements Conformance report Activities Exercises Case studies

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Airline internal auditors Safety and quality managers Operations supervisors and personnel

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There are no prerequisites for this course