IOSA Auditor Training

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IOSA Auditor Training
The IOSA Auditor course is one of the steps in the qualification requirements process to conduct IOSA audits for an IOSA Accredited Audit Organization.During this five day course you will gain knowledge on the IOSA documentation system, typical organizational structure of airlines, including size, functions and relationships, audit procedures and techniques to be applied by an IOSA auditor, as well as perform quality control process on the IOSA Audit reports

5 gün (5x8 saat)

IOSA documentation Repeated Organization and Management System (ORG) IOSA Standards and Recommended Practices (ISARPs) Audit summary and information sources IOSA “Documented” and “implemented “ principles Auditor interpersonal skills Interlinked ISARPs Corrective actions follow-up Activities Role play and audit practice scenarios Final examination

Hedef Kitle:
Candidates who will conduct IOSA audits for IOSA Accredited Audit Organizations Prerequisites Validation of the trainees background is required prior to attendance of this course

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Validation of the participants' background is required prior to attendance of this course