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Ground Operations Security-Cargo (Recurrent)

Güvenlik - A01D076 - Sınıf Eğitimi

Ground Operations Security-Cargo (Recurrent)
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·         Threats to civil aviation and security measurements 

·         International/national documentation and organizations

·         Emergency plan

·         Threats against baggage and cargo 

·         Staff screening requirements

·         Security restricted areas and their critical parts

·         Access control of authorized persons at baggage sorting areas

·         Passenger baggage reconciliation

·         Aircraft security

·         Security controls applied to cargo and protection of cargo area

·         Screening of oversize baggage

·         Co-mail and co-mat

·         Dangerous and prohibited goods 

·         Passenger/hold baggage manifest list

Staff responsible for handling and loading/unloading of hold baggage/cargo to aircraft and passenger/baggage reconciliation.
Directorate General of Civil Aviation (Turkish DGCA)
To have successfully completed Ground Operations Security – Baggage/Cargo. Clear security background check, according to TL.31.011 Eğitim Satış ve Pazarlama Talimatı and SHT-17.2 Rev.01 MD.6 (13), for those applying to this training from outside Turkish Airlines Inc, • Security Backround Check Form • National ID or Passport copy • Criminal Record Check