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English for Ground Handling

Havacılık İngilizcesi Eğitimleri - A05B198 - Sınıf Eğitimi

English for Ground Handling
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  1. Introduction
  2. Check-in at the Airport; Giving Something to A Passenger; Making Polite Request with Please; Saying Farewell; Ways to Accept Thanks
  3. Connecting Flight: Giving Reason; Asking for Repetition; On Time- In Time 
  4. Cancelled Flight; Showing Understanding; Showing Empathy; Will with a Variety of Functions such as Making Request, Promise and Giving Warnings
  5. Missing Luggage; Getting Passenger's Information; Giving Direction; How Long; How Much, How Many
  6. Luggage Problems; Expressing Sympathy: Different Ways to Describe Damage; Would 
  7. Post-Assessment Exam

Airline and ground handling supervisors and personnel, personnel in charge of various airport operations


Minimum 8 participants