Developing and Effective Safety Culture

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Developing and Effective Safety Culture
Tools to make safety a priority in your organization. A functional safety culture brings open communication, continuous improvement and increased productivity, but requires continuous effort from all levels of the organization. This course presents a rigorous approach to aligning organizational culture with safety culture, allowing you to reinforce safety in your organization and implement a Safety Management System (SMS). Available as: Classroom & In-Company workshop Duration: 2 days (16 hours) Recommended level: Professional and Management Prerequisites: Understanding of basic safety concepts

2 gün (2x8 saat)


·         Safety Culture Concepts, Rationale

o    Levels of culture

o    Benefits of implementing a safety culture

·         Safety Culture Assessment

o    Characteristics of a safety culture

o    How to conduct a safety culture assessment

·         Safety Culture Alignment within the Organization

o    Challenges of implementing a safety culture

o    Considerations for developing a safety culture

This course is the last in a series dedicated to SMS Implementation:

1.  SMS Impelmentation Methodology

2.  SMS Implementation Plan I

3.  SMS Implementation Plan II

4.  Developing an Effective Safety Culture


    Hedef Kitle:
    • Airline, Airport and Ground Operations Service providers • Corporate and Operational Safety Managers, Analysts, Coordinators • Potholders (Safety, Ground Operations and others) • Airport Safety Officers • Civil Aviation Authority Representatives

    Otorite Onayı:

    Ön Şartlar:
    Participants should have prior understanding of basic safety concepts