Dangerous Goods Regulations (Category 1,2,3,6)

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Dangerous Goods Regulations (Category 1,2,3,6)
Concerning the transportation of dangerous goods by air, instructing the regulations laid down by IATA and other authorities to shippers, agency or other operator personnel (other than corporate personnel) mentioned in Categories 1, 2, 3 and 6 from IATA DGR Table 1.5.A, especially by applying the regulations correctly during the preparation for transport and acceptance in order to obtain the flight safety.

5 gün (5x8 saat)

  • General Philosophy
  • State and operators’ variations
  • Limitations
  • General Requirements for shipper and operator
  • Provisions for passenger and/or crew
  • Classification
  • List of Dangerous goods
  • Pacakaging, Labelling and Marking
  • Shipper’s declaration and other relevant documentation
  • Dangerous goods with more than one risk
  • Different dangerous goods in one outer package
  • Overpack
  • Dangerous goods in excepted quantities
  • Radioactive materials (all rules)
  • Acceptance procedures
  • Storage and Loading procedures
  • Emergency procedures

Hedef Kitle:
In accordance to Dangerous Goods Regulations Book Table 1.5.A, shipper, packer, staff of freight forwarder or other operator personnel (other than Corporate personnel) mentioned in Categories 1, 2, 3 and 6, upon demand university group.

Otorite Onayı:
Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Directorate General for Regulation of Dangerous Goods and Combined Transport (DGCD)

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