Dangerous Goods Awareness Recurrent (Category 10)

Tehlikeli Maddeler - A01B307 - Blended (E-Learning + Sınıf Eğitimi)

Dangerous Goods Awareness Recurrent (Category 10)
Concerning the transportation of Dangerous Goods by air: refreshing the knowledge of the persons mentioned in Category 10 from IATA DGR Table 1.5.A, who is responsible for storage, loading and unloading according to their responsibilities to obtain flight safety.

1 gün (1x8 saat)

  • Significant changes and amendments                                         
  • Limitations
  • Classification
  • List of dangerous goods
  • Packing, Labelling and Marking
  • Loading and Storage Procedures
  • Emergency procedures

Hedef Kitle:
The personnel identified in the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Manual Table 1.5.A Key.10 (load controllers, load masters, flight operations officer, flight dispatcher, sales and traffic clerk)

Otorite Onayı:
Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Directorate General for Regulation of Dangerous Goods and Combined Transport (DGCD)

Ön Şartlar:
To have Initial or Recurrent Dangerous Goods Awareness (Category 10 ) certificate taken in the last 24 months