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Cargo Warehouse Operations and ULD Build-up

IATA Trainings - A06D031 - Sınıf Eğitimi

Cargo Warehouse Operations and ULD Build-up
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Basic cargo security and aircraft loading, Basic warehouse safety and emergency procedures, Implementation of efficient warehouse processes, How to recognize and identify different types of cargo (dangerous goods, outsized, perishable, and more), Identification of aircraft types and characteristics, Principles of ULD handling, Cargo and mail handling according to the Airport Handling Manual (AHM), Lashing and tie-down requirements to secure loads, Handling and storage requirements for special cargo, Lean principles. Activities Case studies and practical examples, Final examination
This course is recommended for: Warehouse/Loading staff at airlines and airline handling agents, loadmasters, Cargo operations staff at cargo agents and consolidators, Key handling personnel of shippers involved in air cargo, Instructors responsible for cargo handling training
Participants should have prior knowledge of air cargo procedures