Cargo Operations (ENG)

Kargo Eğitimleri - A01D620 - Sınıf Eğitimi

Cargo Operations (ENG)
Take general knowledge and skills about main principles, rules, practices and operation of air cargo transportation for providing safety.

5 gün (5x8 saat)

  • Safe Handling procedures
  • Introduction of IATA TACT Rules
  • Information by countries
  • Carrier’s special regulations
  • Aircraft definitions (aircraft body and types)
  • ULD definitions, contours, Loading Charts
  • Aircraft loading procedures (securing of loads, ULD stowing rules, calculation of hold limitations and tie down rules)
  • Special cargo (Identification and scope, Packing Specifications, Labels and
  • Markings, Acceptance, Storage-Stowage, Loading and Unloading procedures)
  • Live animals [Identification, Classification, Packing, Labeling, Marking,
  • Handling Procedures (acceptance, storage, loading, offloading)]
  • Dangerous Goods (general information on Dangerous Goods Regulations,
  • Philosophy, Limitations, Classes and Labels)
  • Cargo Irregularities
  • Emergency procedures

Hedef Kitle:
Cargo staff, cargo operation staff, cargo reservation staff and their supervisors, related staff from other departments, other operators and handling staff.

Otorite Onayı:
Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)

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