Aviation English 1 (Cabin)

Havacılık İngilizcesi Eğitimleri - A05B005 - Blended (E-Learning + Sınıf Eğitimi)

Aviation English 1 (Cabin)

The goal of this training is to provide opportunities for participants to be able to speak and use English in a variety of settings like 'working as a cabin crew' 'in pre-flight activities' 'while boarding and profiling passengers' 'in announcements' and duties during flight. These are actual and daily settings that the participants are likely to face in their work context.

2 gün (2x7 saat)


  • Being a Cabin Crew Member
  • Working as a Cabin Crew Member
  • Making Cabin Announcements
  • Pre-flight Duties
  • Duties of Cabin Crew During Boarding
  • Language Needs During Meal Service

Hedef Kitle:
Flight Attendants

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Having completed A05E005 Aviation English 1 (Cabin)