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Aviation English 1 (Cabin)

Havacılık İngilizcesi Eğitimleri - A05B005 - Blended (E-Learning + Sınıf Eğitimi)

Aviation English 1 (Cabin)
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1. Working as a Cabin Crew Member; - Compare and Contrast Words - A Glimpse at “A Day in the Life of a Cabin Crew Member”
2. Pre-flight Duties; - Explaining Topics Covered in Pre-flight Briefings in Which the Flight Crew Shares Details of the Flight - Studying the Vocabulary Related to Preflight Briefings and Duties - Emphasizing the Importance of Pre-flight Briefings to Effective CRM and Teamwork - Covering the Language Reflections of the Difference Types of Briefings (Purser to Cabin Crew, Flight Crew to Cabin Crew, Passenger Pre-flight Safety Briefing) - Discussing the Pre-flight Duties of the Cabin Crew
3. Duties of Cabin Crew During Boarding; - Discussing the Duties of Cabin Crew During Boarding Passengers - Emphasizing the Use of Effective Language When Explaining the Rules and Regulations That Should Be Followed by the Passengers During Boarding - Studying Vocabulary Related to Boarding - Explaining Effective Language Skills to Manage the Passenger Complaints and Possible Problems During Boarding
4. Language Needs During Meal Service; - Reminding of the List of Food and Drinks That are Served in TK Flights - Learning the Language Phrases That Will Enrich the Communication During Meal Service - Explaining and Exemplifying the Request and Offer Phrases Used in English - Teaching the Communication Techniques That Can Be Used When the Passenger is not happy with the Service Provided - Explaining the Proper Way of Delivery in Language When the Offered Food or Drink has Run Out or is not Available on That Particular Flight5. Introduction to Passengers; -Different types of passengers on flight -Effective communication techniques -Importance of effective communication -Examining passenger complaints - Role-play activities
6. Post-Assessment Exam

Cabin Attendants
Minimum 8 participants