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Airport Services - Passenger Handling

IATA Trainings - A06D024 - Sınıf Eğitimi

Airport Services - Passenger Handling
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Customer service skills and principles

·         Customer expectations and satisfaction

·         Passenger service delivery model

·         Listening and responding skills

·         Cultural awareness

Difficult customers and situations

·         Dealing with complaints

·         Conflict management

·         Denied boarding

Industry rules and guidelines

·         Official Airline Guide (OAG)

·         IATA manuals

·         Minimal Connecting Time (MCT)

·         Automated Baggage Rules

Gate procedures

·         E-ticketing

·         Boarding and delays

·         Endorsements

·         Special customer handling

Baggage services

·         Carry on and checked baggage, allowances and charges

·         World Tracer

·         Dangerous items and general emergency procedures

This course includes practical exercises and assessments:

·         Situational exercises

·         Customer service case studies

Final examination
    • Passenger service managers • Handling agents and other customer contact personnel • Customer service instructors
    There are no prerequisites for this course