Airport Extreme Weather Operations and Planning

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Airport Extreme Weather Operations and Planning
Severe weather conditions cause several million dollars of damage each year due to disruption and delays. Preparation is key to minimizing the impact on your operations.Through practical planning exercises and real-life examples, this one-of-a-kind course reviews operational obstacles due to weather and the solutions to address them. Explore planning tools and procedures that will help your airport respond to rare disturbances. Learn how to prepare your resources, equipment and staff to establish a proactive culture across your operations and organization. Available as: Classroom & In-Company course Duration: 4 days (32 hours) Recommended level: Professional and Management Prerequisites: Participants should have prior knowledge of airport and ground operations

4 gün (4x8 saat)

The impact of weather conditions and other sources of disruption Storms, heavy rain and floods, Extreme cold and heat, Strong winds, Low visibility situations Resource and operations planning Developing a response plan and action plan, Equipment, staff and special training, Testing readiness, Continuous improvement through self-assessment, Returning to normal operations Communication and collaboration with third parties Stakeholders you should involve, Communicating through the media Airside operations Runway operations, Ramp and passenger handling, Current and future regulations

Hedef Kitle:
This course is open to all operational managers and staff, including: Station and ground operations managers, Airfield and airport operations managers

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Ön Şartlar:
Participants should have prior knowledge of airport and ground operations