Within the scope of regulations of the corporation, and national and international rules; this department is responsible for the design, development and management of distance learning, and tracking of updated versions of all training systems. It also coordinates plans and tracks all training demands. In addition, it conducts the management of documents and runs the activities of training development and assessment through coordination within the Directorate.

The Management consists of following major units:

  • Training Planning
  • Training Coordination
  • Training Quality Management
  • Project Management
  • Distance Learning
  • Training Development and Assessment
  • Training Information Systems Development

Primary duties of our management are:

  • Providing management, tracking and development of distance learning
  • Administering the Directorate’s intranet portal and web site
  • Determining the needs of training information system and ensuring the system management.
  • Effective usage of the sources (instructor, training venue etc.) and if necessary, resorting to outsourcing.
  • Administering Quality Management System on behalf of Corporation and providing all preparation, publication, update and implementation of documents within the scope of process.
  • Planning, coordination and implementation of all compulsory trainings of both internal and external demands.
  • Keeping all trainings’ records in the system, and updating.
  • Conducting training needs analysis, research and development activities that contribute to the development of organization and personnel.
  • Conducting training and instructor assessment and development in order to enhance the quality of the trainings.
  • Contacting and collaborating with all civil aviation authorities and production firms, all providers of service in and out, and the other institutions, when required, regarding the issues which concern operation and safety. 
  • Acting according to the instructions that cover the management process and assigning responsibility and making sure that all personnel act accordingly. Ensuring that all activities take place in accordance with the rules defined in the documents. Storing all necessary documents neatly. 
  • Enabling the application, monitoring of customer feedback management processes so that the upper management can check all the datum of these processes. Enabling an access to the information regarding the feedback data, and reporting related activities and decisions.   
  • Regulating the connection and interaction, the current job descriptions, responsibilities, the precudure of Corporation, instructions and union contract not to give a rise to the gaps and controversy between different units and ranks at the Academy.