Training Services Marketing and Sales management performs trainings which exist in academy’s portfolio as well as tasks and services within its field of activity such as marketing, sales, customer relations and advertising. The management fulfills the processes of marketing and sales of all the trainings within the Academy. Managing the tasks of developing strategies and specifying the pricing policies, it sets goals and strategies to reach out to the existing and potential customers in the domestic and foreign markets with the purpose of maximizing the sales. In order to enhance its customer portfolio, It participates in exhibitions, symposiums and conferences held worldwide.

It performs  activities in order to design the corporate identity and image management of the Academy, and it plans and  carries out  the advertising activities within the training-related events. It also caters for the visual materials such as  brochures, catalogues  and newsletters which are used for in house and outer communication activities.

The management which determines the applications and methods related to customer satisfaction within the scope of the activities of the Academy, contributes to maintaining the existing customer business continuity as well as maintaining the customer satisfaction and resolving the customer problems  through coordination with other units. 

There are three units under the department: Marketing and Sales, Advertising, Customer Relations.