Corporate Solution Trainings Management conducts commercial and ground services trainings for the staff of Turkish Airlines Inc., outsourcing firms, airlines, agencies, airport operators, cargo firms and other aviation related companies to carry out their duties and operations efficiently and in a timely manner in accordance with international standards. The management delivers approximately a thousand trainings per year, provides trainings for almost 17.000 people with its 20 instructors both within the Academy and in various national and international locations. It also carries out efforts in designing new trainings as well as maintaining the existing trainings updated by revising them. Furthermore, in order to reach more people, the management works on those trainings which are suitable to be converted into distance learning in terms of context.

The management is well-aware that along with the rapid increase in our flight network, there is a requirement f for fast technological solutions and advanced systems in operational processes. The management also provides support to the relevant departments within the corporation in their efforts to develop new systems by preparing documents and manuals as well as providing data.

There are five units under themanagement: Passanger Services Trainings Unit, Operation Trainings Unit, Cargo Trainings Unit, Ramp Trainings and Corporate Trainings Unit.