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Security Management (Initial)

Security - A01D091 - Classroom Training

Security Management (Initial)
  • Subjects
  • Target Group
  • Authority Approval
  • Prerequisites
  • Required Documents
  • Critical Information
- Aim of the course - why is this course essential?
- Threats and Targets
- Responsibilities of security managers and instructors
- International agreements and regulations
- International organizations (ICAO, ECAC, EU)
- National regulation on aviation security
- Directorate General of Civil Aviation
- Threat evaluation
- Technology in aviation security
- Security structure of the organization
- Security Program
- Security Training Program
- Recruitment and training
- Inner quality control program and activities
- Contingency planning
- Management ability
- Introduction to management
- Effective management
- Leadership
- Motivation
- Stress/anxiety
- Introduction to crisis
- Crisis management plan
- Crisis management elements and components
- Roles and functions of management
- Facilitation and support in crisis management and intervention
- Crisis management drills
- Definitions of risk, threat, vulnerability
- Types of quality control activities
- Emergency and contingency planning
- Human resource management
- Security Management Systems
- Subcontractors
- Documentation Management System
- Creating Security Policy

Security Managers and Deputy Security Managers of airline, air taxi, airport, general aviation and other aviation institutions
Directorate General of Civil Aviation (Turkish DGCA)