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De‐Anti Icing (Theoretical+Practical) Recurrent

Airport Ramp Trainings - A01D719 - Classroom Training

De‐Anti Icing (Theoretical+Practical) Recurrent
  • Subjects
  • Target Group
  • Authority Approval
  • Prerequisites
  • Required Documents
  • Critical Information

  • Basic knowledge of aircraft performance

  • Effects of frozen contamination on aircraft performance

  • The Clean Aircraft concept, regulations, and recommendations

  • Meteorological considerations on ice formation

  • Contamination Check

  • Preflight Contamination Check

  • General techniques for removing frozen deposits from aircraft surfaces

  • Deicing/anti-icing by fluids - procedures in general

  • Basic characteristics of aircraft deicing/anti-icing fluids

  • Types of fluid checks required and the equipment for this

  • Deicing/anti-icing equipment operating procedures.

  • Fluid application and the use plus the limitations of Holdover Time tables

  • Deicing/anti-icing codes and communication procedures

  • Aircraft in general and common critical surfaces and instruments

  • Safety precautions and human factors

  • Environmental impact and mitigation

  • Deicing facility operation

  • Learning from season operations, audit findings and updated procedures.

  • Local rules and restrictions, airport, airline procedures

  • Recent Incidents and Crashes

  • Overview of deicing/anti-icing equipment and its operation plus facilities (e.g., storage tanks

  • Cab layout and operation

  • Deicing unit control panel

  • Basket operation

  • Auxiliary Engine Operation

  • Hose Position

  • Pre-Spray checks

  • Communication

  • Vehicle positioning

  • Vehicle safety around aircraft

  • Fluid spraying

  • Other de/anti-icing procedures

  • Driving the deicing truck

  • Deicing scenarios (where applicable)

  • Emergency situations

  • Quality checks

  • Contamination check

  • Spraying

DI-L20 Deicing Operator

DI-L30 Deicing Supervisor

DI-L30B Pre/post deicing Inspector

DI-L40 Deicing Instructor

DI-L50 Deicing Coordinator

DI-L70 Head of Deicing Training

DI-L80 Flight Crew (winter operations)

DI-L80B Cabin Crew (icing awareness) categories are included.

DI-L10 Deicing Vehicle Driver and DI-L60 Fluid Quality Inspector (laboratory staff) category is not included.

In our partnership, de-anti icing trainers and De-Anti Icing Process Coordination Department personnel and Eskişehir Station receive this training
Directorate General of Civil Aviation (SHGM) 
Participants must have an A01D715 De-Anti Icing Certificate