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Aviation English II (Cabin)

Aviation English Courses - A05D006 - Classroom Training

Aviation English II (Cabin)
  • Subjects
  • Target Group
  • Authority Approval
  • Prerequisites
  • Required Documents
  • Critical Information
  1. Unruly Passengers; -Defining Unruly Passengers on board -Causes of unruly behaviors -Analyzing Levels of threat -Procedures and Rules followed in Turkish Airlines when there is an unruly passenger on flight -Explaining the language skills in communication with unruly passengers
  2. Evacuation & Ditching; -Emergency Equipment and location of them in the aircraft -Incidents when there is a need for an Emergency Evacuation and Ditching -Analyzing the procedures and rules followed in Turkish Airlines regarding evacuation and ditching -Essential language requirements in communication for evacuation and ditching -Emphasizing the differences in commands and communication styles towards the passengers in cases of evacuation and ditching
  3. Medical Emergencies; -Medical emergencies during flight -How and when to apply First aid techniques in case of a medical emergency -Effective communication skills when there is a medical emergency case during flight -In case of medical emergencies, the use of medical assistance cards to detect the problem of the passenger -Encouraging participants to apply the techniques and language skills that are acquired to possible scenarios in role-plays
  4. Fire; -Familiarity with fire causes and locations -The roles and responsibilities of cabin crew members in cases of fire -Familiarizing with the fire equipment in the aircraft -Practicing language skills and effective communication techniques
  5. Passengers with Special Needs; -Defining passengers with special needs -Emphasizing the critical language issues when communicating with passengers with special needs -Briefing and communicating techniques when dealing with passengers with special needs
  6. Post-Assessment Exam
Cabin attendants
Minimum 8 participants