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Aircraft Cleaning Security (Initial)

Security - A01D085 - Classroom Training

Aircraft Cleaning Security (Initial)
  • Subjects
  • Target Group
  • Authority Approval
  • Prerequisites
  • Required Documents
  • Critical Information
- Aim of the course - Why is this course needed?
- Threats and purposes of cleaning security
- Entrance controls to facilities including storage areas
- Security restricted areas/ Entrance control of critical regions of security restricted areas
- Acceptance of materials at facilities
- Protection of cleaning materials and tools from unlawful interventions
- Transportation to aircraft at facilities/ vehicle security
- Procedures to be followed when suspicious and prohibited items are defined and detected
- Reporting procedures when a suspicious object or situation is detected
- Aircraft entrance control precautions
- Evaluation of bomb notices via telephone
- Secure cleaning procedures (if applicable)
All personnel responsible from aircraft cleaning 
Directorate General of Civil Aviation (Turkish DGCA)